Creation of men (by Platon)
Melissa Ardan Rojas

It was written by Platon, a greek phylosopher: He said “as it didn´t exist anything, the gods gather together and just disposed to created beings. They made them from the guts of our earth – that means from the deepest part… and they were made with earth and fire… (this of course, is not true, it just a way of seeing things) anyhow these gods wanted to distribute talents to the creatures of their creation: So some gods were chosen to distribute these talents: Prometeo and Epimeteo. Epimeteo distributed them between the earth made creatures, and Prometeo was to supervised, if he did it well.

Some got huge dimensions, others like the small creatures got speed, so they could compensate the size disadvantage. The ones who got longevity, they gave them small fecundity (that means less ability to multiplied themselves). Those being, who should live for short time, gave them the capacity to reproduced in huge amounts.  Others got fur, so they could protect themselves from the hard winters, but when Epimeteo, came to men, he had already distributed all the talents. He has no special thing to protect his body, all gifts were given, so he did not know what to do. The time was coming when Jupiter was going to look, how these Gods have made their work… he had trusted to Prometeo and Epimeteo. As Prometeo saw, that man was naked, defenceless, he thought he had no other choice but to steal to Minerva and Vulcano.  The tale says, he stole:  wisdom, technic and fire,.. who would help the defenceless of men. Jupiter didn´t feel offended and allowed men to keep these gifts. Since men could not live in peace, and had no political sense, whatsoever.. But these gifts, were kept by Jupiter, and even a thief like Prometeo, could not taken them form him… But our God Jupiter, felt mercy for men and he sent the God Mercury to give as gits to men, Jupiter though it would be good for man to have : “ prudence, justice, and self- respect …  but Mercury asked Jupiter, how he should distribute this gifts: he asked: -shall I distribute them as the other ones? He was no sure, if it would be enough, to have one person in a group  (like a doctor, or a shoe maker) No, no,no, Jupiter answered him, Political virtue: which includes: prudence, justice and self-respect, has to be distributed to everyone, since we –the gods- could not trust one man only, to practice it”. Very clever, the greeks, indeed… aren´t they?


Data to the book:

“Antropología filosófica contemporánea” = Contemporary philosophical antropology” from Juan David García Bacca, venezuelan anthropologe. (Antropologe = that means someone who study the science of men and his development) He explains in a serie of discussions made in 1956 a theory about creation, this story I found it incredible, and is easy to understand.