The Story of how a Volcano is born
Melissa Ardan Rojas

It´s always very exiting to feel the earth roar underneath... one of the latest volcano, which was born, it happen to be in south Mexico, may be less than 100 years. Later this volcano was called “the Paricutín”… it was said, that in that place existed before a corn field. One day one of the indians was taking care of his field, when he suddenly heard a roaring noise, like someone was digging underground with a big shovel… the indian guy, was so afraid, since he had never heard such a strange sound under his field. You ought to know, that indians are quite superstitious beings, they always think, that everytime when strange things occurred around them, this can only be explained as happenings of the worst kind of all, in this case of the roaring field, he though it might be the very devil, who is trying to come out of hell… and they don´t know how many other spirits might come with him, in order to destroy and do other kind of silly things… As the roaring sound grow bigger and bigger, his frightfullness made his nerves on the edge… so he ran to search for the town priest, so he could take a near look, to what was happening in his field..


As they both came back, the roaring sound coming underneath the corn field, was thunder like. They observed nevertheless, that a small hill of earth had formed, in the middle of the field. Of course, they began to pray and to throw blessed water all over the hill, but that did´t stop the roaring, nor did stop the hill from getting higher and higher. They were alarmed. Two hours later, the small hill was already 25 meters and the noise had become stronger and stronger; so following their common sense, they should better start to observe the happenings from the distance. After 6 hours, the hill was a huge one and people started to gather to follow closely the events and make a posible prediction, but every minute they were convinced, they ought to flee as soon as posible, since the danger might be latent. In the evening the hill was so high, that no one could see the top, just some sparks came out; now they were definitely convinced, it was the very devil, who wanted to come out.. “fire could be seen already”. Oh, la, la, my goodness!, everybody was terrified. The fire or lava, started to come down slowly, just right down the hill. Actually it was time to run, but the earth moved so savagely that the people couldn´t walk straight.. they tried to get their belongings, as quick as they could go away and of course, as long as they had the time to do so.


The next day, they could observed the hill from the distance and this one had already the form of a volcano, which happened to be in full eruption.. The earth was still quaking and the Paricutín, was still growing in high. People of course, could escape on time, but it was the first time, which one could record: how a volcano was born and also experienced this unusual situation that a common person could see a volcano grow - out of the blue- in front of his very eyes… and afterwards could also tell the story about it.