A meteor - Part I
Melissa Ardan Rojas

Part One:

It has been said that the earth had been stroked several times from celestial bodies. Many of them have caused a huge disaster or catastrophe for our planet. Scientist assert that one of the reasons of the disappearance of the dinosaurs was because of the strike of a Meteor near the Yucatán Peninsula around 65 millions of years ago. New data has been discovered and shows that although it´s true that a Meteor did hit the Yucatán Peninsula, it happened nearly 350 million years earlier, than it was first supposed. The rest of this Yucatán Meteor were found scattered all over the planet. Of course, it exists evidence that 65 millions years ago, another Meteor did strike the earth, but scientist just haven´t a clue where did it hit the earth.


In the book I´ve been translating, the author theorised, that a Meteor was the main cause of the destruction of the Atlantis… it took just a couple of hours, less than a night, since the meteor, hit one of the weakest points of the earth crust, so the huge fracture let out a huge amount of magma, which surrounded the Atlantis, the earth crust just melt and could hold the Atlantis on the surface. He also speaks in his book about a war, between… this cloned human being, who believed since this time to be “the very image of the gods”. For Christians, this is not far away from their thinkings, although they mean to be created as “image of God”… Islam people, considered this as a blasphemy, - how a being dare himself to compare with an eternal being as God- , and also to phrase that humans are made as God very imaged”.. well, there are an infinitite way of seeing things, will just analize them, nothing else, and everyone has to find what is true for him.. So, we were talking about this simian-extraterrestrial human which live at the Atlantis and the god-austronauts, which were involved in that war. Coment: it´s not the first time, I hear there was a war, near our planet, there is a lot of literature about it.


If you want to know more about it you may read for example:

1)     “The day as the sky felt ”; vey interesting book, it gives you all kind of chonics made all around the world, and explained the reason why ancient civilization, all did observed accurately the stars, and what has that with the Diluvium..

2)    “Chronicles of Akakor”, although I read this bood in German. I don´t know if it is translated in english already. This book makes an account of at least three Diluvium on Earth, and tell the story about two moons... and the war that existed between different kind of gods –astronauts- , also describes the city they built deep in the Andes, to rescue humans from the cathastrophe... The author was a german guy, who worked for NDR, a TV reporter, who talked with these people from the Andes.

3)    “The Mayan Prophesies”: these is the  best one, since this book help me to understand, how the sun manages to drag all the planets behind him, moving through the universe at incredible speeds, it´s not easy to read it. But gives you all the explanation about the Mayan calendars (they had two).. Mayas were such amazing astronoms, they had also observed the shadows in the sun, and they had measured them, their results were compared and prove just minimal seconds of error with the ones made with NASA computers..  I would dare to say: the Mayas are right… and not the computers… before nobody had an idea of how this sun burst and shadows could influence the earth nor could they exactly predict their behaviour, but the last huge sun burst from 1989, gave a clue: huge parts of Canada, were just stop.. The earth was suddenly without energy, no communications systems were functioning, and planes could not make contact to earth, because of the sun burst.. Everything is explained in this book, thoroughly.

4)    “The great Pyramid prophesies”, it was the fist book I read when was 15, about this matter. This book relates about history prediction 3000 years into the future, since Egyptian time, of course. The author want us to evaluate the possibility that the Egyptian were such a brilliant people. Could they indeed forecast the future? or could it be possible that everything –including history happenings just repeats, again, and again? And that means, we can´t change our future… oh, oh.. we have to search, what´s the truth!

5)    “The Celestine” – also Mayan prophesies and describe places where could be considered special, for its energy power: like Teotihuacán, Gizeh, Chichén Itzá, Tula, Uxmal, Tikal, Monte Albán, Machu Pichu, … they are in specific energy points of earth..

“The come back of the light child’s” ISBN 3-931 652-97-1 , (German) this one is also very special, since describes the incredible capabilities of old Mayan priest and Inca priest etc.. and how they cured, without intervening/ or opening the body… very interesting.