A meteor - Part II
Melissa Ardan Rojas

My girlfriend Mercedes, who lives in L.A. and who lived many years in Monterrey, Mexico, told me the story of an incredible place, near Chihuahua. There is a desert and when one go into the desert it doesn’t matter, how many kilometres you go in but something unusual happens there –all kind of noises are not transmitted. There is no echo at all, there is nothing that could be heard there…although you may produce a sound, there is no sound, very suspicious… that’s of course a physic phenomena. She told me – this place is now forbidden. They think there are some US Military forces making scientific experiments or investigations.


About the Atlantis, you remember, it was believed to be a mythical continent, that might have existed in the Atlantic Ocean and had also an incredible advance civilisation… another day we’ll talked about it. Amazing stuff! (more in the story about Lucy).


Since I’ve been following these events since my youth, I was very interested as one of the Halls of the Natural Museum of History, N.Y. was dedicated to all discoveries of meteors. I could not missed this opportunity, so I went straight into this Hall. When I came in, I saw a huge thing in the middle of the room, it was at least 2,5 meters high and 2 meters wide and may be 1,6 meter deep. Normally in a Museum, you are not supposed to touch anything, but “I couldn’t resit it, mate” so I touch it!. It was pure metal. Can you imagine?, this thing coming down in a hell of a tempo, crossing the sky, just glowing at entering our atmosphere. God save us! There was a note, giving more information about the meteor: it said, this Meteor was found in Greenland, nearly 10 meters under the ground. They supposed this precise meteor hit the earth many, many millions of years ago.


In Siberia not long ago: during the first world war, I think, a meteor hit that part of the world. Some films were made, and it could be seen, that a great part of the woods were destroyed. The trees looked like matches, which just felt down, for many kilometres around the strike point. Also could be said, that many years after the disaster, nothing had changed, nothing was growing. Such a fate, is actually.. normal. Earth has been stroke from celestial bodies, many, many times. We are lucky to have Jupiter on the way, since his big gravitational attraction is so big, that impedes that any celestial body just pass it by.. and Jupiter will attracted it to his surface. Just like the last comet, which felt on Jupiter, some years ago. I’m sure you have heard of it. May be, you could follow as well, this incredible observation. If it would have been a cataclysm, if felt on earth.


In the book “The chronicles of Akakor” it is said that the earth, had at first another moon, and it was destroyed, during the wars, that existed between “the gods” – or extra-terrestrials, and that this one, we see is the second moon we have. It impressed me!. In that book, they mention as well a city, which was build in the Andes, with incredible technology –they had for instance- day light inside the city- made with huge mirrors which deflected the light into the city,  also they had fresh air circulating in the city. The aim to built the city was to save humans from the first catastrophe, since the waters would rise… one may wonder why they built cities so high at the mountains as Machu Pichu? They also built deep in the Andes long communication tunnels to other cities, like Cuzco. They explained in the book that: it happened to be three times, as the water rise on earth, and that there was no living creature, that survived… these catastrophes, just the ones, which they were saved by the gods.


Anyhow, if we considered all the celestial bodies, which stroke the earth in the past, we could say, that’s something could happened again. We have many craters around the world made by hitting meteors.. in Arizona, USA, Russia, Mexico, etc, etc. And a group of scientist, are searching the skies for meteors or other flying objects, - I don’t mean UFOs, another time we may talk about it- I this case I mean: flying bodies, like: comets, rocks, scientist also measured their trajectory or flight path. The only thing they can’t do, is,  if one of this celestial bodies happens to be on our way, I don’t know if we have the technology to get rid of it, before it hit us!