Lucy's story
Melissa Ardan Rojas

Many years ago, I saw on TV the story about the discovery of one of the oldest mankind skeletons, it was a female and scientist gave the remains the name of “Lucy”, it was found in a dried old river bed, in Ethiopia. Of course, there was nobody at home, I know that, but we will just look at this in order to track the development of human body on earth. So here we have: the scientist world supposed that “Lucy” existed around nearly 3,2 million years ago.


That evening I wonder, what did the scientist normally do, with the remains of such discoveries? Where do they keep them? Can normal people like me, ever see them? It passed many years, since I went back to visit New York. Once I was wandering around between the different Halls of the Natural Museum of History, when suddenly just in front of me, there she was: “Lucy”… I could not believe it!, I wanted to see her, personally and I did. I look at her skull, her long arms. There was something very special about her, she had for instance: the femur fit just right into the hips, that means, that she could walk on two legs. Also the bones of her column, fit inside straight into the middle of the skull, and this is another characteristic of the ability to walk straight just like a modern human. That makes her so special. I do not know how long I observed her, since she represents indeed, the first sign of a human being on earth.


One does not know: how she came into that dried bed of the river, was a hunter?. Or if, at that time, was she already aware of her own existence?  When was it, that mankind was aware about their own spiritual origin, in the first place?. Scientist found in a cave near South Africa, the first human artefacts from around 75 thousand yeas ago, they implied that when men did satisfied their food necessities, -since they live near the sea and fishing was no problem, men had just enough spare time, to do other things, so they started to paint, think about religion, what happened to men after death, and of course, they made artefacts to hunt, and for the first time in human history, they started to do things that make them look beautiful, like collars of sea shells. Impressing!


You may ask yourself, since when I followed this development of men? Well, the truth is that I was interested since I was a small child. I wanted to know, since I was 3-4 years old, my grandaunt Carmela used to read for me the Bible, and she spoke about the creation of this universe in 7 days… so wondered, how we were created? That was for me a puzzle, and I wanted to try to get to the bottom, my grandaunt Carmela used to say “it was a mystery”… so, every spare time I had, I was reading at the library of aunt Lucita. When I was 7-9 years old, I did not even go to the beach, if I could read instead. That is something I wanted to know and nobody ever asked me to either, they did not have any clue at all, of what I was searching.


In one occasion, I saw an incredible program at the Discovery Channel, it gave me some of the answers. Scientist were tracing not only the ways men went in their conquest of our planet, they followed the different routes, humans went in order to spread on earth… from Asia, to Indian, to Philippines, and to Australian, some of them crossed the Bering-channel, most of them as they were nomads they follow the wild, some arrived to Europe. Following this routes, scientist also were talking samples of DNA, and comparing with another cultures. What they discovered of course, was amazing… they found out, that mankind, that means: -all the races, come from the same family root.


Our “body ancestors” come from Africa, and just their adjustment or adaptation to the environment, was the reason why men had blue eyes, blond hair, or had a dark skin and black eyes. They took the DNA from a black person and a Mongolian guy – who lived in a remote place – a Greek girl, an American Indian, and an Australian aborigine… So, we are to say , brothers and sisters. Other thing we must also point out, is that, for instance, scientist compared the DNA between chimpanzees and men bodies and they found that: -there is just one very important chromosome, that makes the difference… that means - makes us humans, - in their eyes… (our tongue… “we have the ability to speak, and communicate”. This chromosome makes possible, that we can move our tongue, so that we can make “sounds”, with it). Amazing is not, it?


Anyhow, now, we could conclude that: doesn´t exist a better body, it has adjust itself, to their environment necessities. All human bodies actually fulfil all the very same functions, there is no difference in its physiological performance, they see, they transform food in energy, etc, etc.. Creativity, feeling of justice, honour, self-respect, care for other beings, are causalities that each being have, it can´t be force, it comes from oneself. (see story of men creation, Platoon, I´ll send it, as well).


So, men can be creative, one can observe and be possibly aware of things that happens in their surroundings, persons can manage to think – sometimes- and do good things… if we not just considered them bodywise. The mental capacities, are much influenced from the kind of environment and development opportunities that each person has and where she lives. That´s why we have a responsibility, that all people on earth has an opportunity to develop themselves. And we have to improve ourselves for the better, of course.


Other theories about creation of men.

In the book I was translating, you remember.. you saw me working all time, as I visited you… well, the author has the theory, that men was just “cloned” from extraterrestrial beings, -because their bodies would not adapt to earth and their longevity (= that means the time they live  the man explains their life was threat through our atmosphere and made their life shorter as in their home planet) they got older in our planet in a faster way. So they decided to cloned themselves and put this clone in a female chimpanzees womb… but since the blood of the chimpanzee was running also in this cloned body, “we had some Ape-behaviour”, as a remain of this fact.


Comment: Scientiest nowadays believe “strongly” that everything is explained, with the “GENS”, if you were born stupid, there is no remedy, you´ll stay so, forever… how can be that? it´s a wearied way of thinking, and it´s not the truth. Scientist think: “if someone is criminal, has something to do with the “GENS”. According to them, everything’s is explained with it. Therefore: “the individual has no responsibility for their behaviour, or whatsoever” papa and mama are responsible and their GENS of course..  This is very silly indeed.  It´s just explaining away why they are not responsible for… . Everything we do, has to do with the way we see the world, and we cannot say, it´s because … some genetic, etc. One might be influence, from the society, but if the individual steals, he cannot say: “ it was my hand” as an excused or “who did it…I was influenced by “my “genes” that´s the same explanation… this person is not responsible for his actions… well, well, well… this is something one should considered.


I know of course, man has observed the chimpanzees and rats, and all kind of weard creatures in order to explain – men behaviour, what it´s of course it´s funny, because “it is not the body, or – gens - who makes the decisions of acting, but you, as a thinking being”… but, never mind, I´ll tell his theory till the end, o.k. He says, that chimpanzees societies, has the impulse to violence, when they want to get things across, and that chimpanzees got also social strata. And this is why and what makes men dangerous. One of the Spanish man, who also was involved in this translation, asked me: -“What do you think about this chimpanzee theory”… and Darwin… ? I said to him: “Some scientist, asserted nowadays, that Darwin didn´t even see the light of the “development of species theory” at the Galapagos.. “it was just a dimmed premonition” and I have read the theory of Darwin in English myself, long time ago, so I am acquainted with it, and if he says we come from Apes, and this Germany guy says, we were cloned, and were put in the womb of a chimpanzee… what is the difference? bodywise he asserts we come from the Apes!… but the importance  should not be put, of how the body was made, but what does this “thinking being” doand why he does estrange things, and behaves unwisely or wearied sometimes!. He must behave –good or bad- on purpose, knowingly of what we do, we do not behave as a result of some chromosomes.. or genes, you know what I mean! I have study some semesters of Psychology long ago and I had to observe rats, and they were really interested in the physiological way of how man was built, - I have to see how brains looks like and see their constitution or structure and I could not find the answers there of the difficulties of understanding or conduct of man or why man is good or bad or any other kind of manifestations, from which I need a real answer… and do not need some vague ideas. These are some of my thinking about mankind!

Now “Lucy” is in a Museum, in Manhattan. The Big Apple. She could had never imagined that. Incredible!