About Time and Friendschip
Melissa Ardan Rojas

Our time goes by, quicker than we would like to. Sometimes we long for an afternoon with a girlfriend/ friend. Sometimes we just want to drink a cup of coffee with him/her and to talk for a while and listen some music.


Sometimes I would like to go for a walk, or listen when he/ she sings with his/ her guitar.


And of course I would love to walk along the beach with him/ her. To play with the waves. And to observed the crabs running.


I would like to dive with them, into the ocean, and discover marvellous underwater worlds. I would like to be near them. I want to feel their vicinity. I missed them badly.


Sometimes I want to be able to be with them, to lie in their arms and look then the stars in November. Just to be with that special person... the one, we love, if possible.


Sometimes they are gone forever. There is nothing worse, than the opportunities we didn’t take. Times goes by, the opportunities don’t return, because we missed them.


Don’t take life and happiness for granted. You have to recognise it, on time, and enjoy it.


Every morning we have in our hands new chances. The past experiences allow us to recognise better, what we really appreciate.


The words of a good friend, are never forgotten. We keep in our hearts: their marvellous laughs. Their warmed hugs. The brightness of their eyes.


When their smile touch our souls, their warmth fulfil our hearts. Their love is pure - "out of this world". I could called them angels with "a terrestrial body".


My life was not easy, at all. I’ve been nevertheless lucky, since I met such marvellous friends in my way. Unique one’s..  I’m really lucky!


I’ve seen into their hearts. I’ve heard their voices. They’ve shared some of their precious time with me. I’ve seen them walking in this world. I was bless with their presence. I’ve been very lucky, indeed.