Letter to April
Melissa Ardan Rojas

Hamburg, 25.02.09


Good morning, dear April!


When I told you, when I was a child, we didn’t have TV. That was before 1963. I mean before, it was not known, at all!!!!! May be some rich, parrots. There are a lot of inventions, which at the beginning till the middle or third part of last century was not known.


Light for example, in a town like Munich was delivered from the Family Einstein.. the very big October Feast- where nowadays thousands of people come to Munich, had at first light in 1889, something like that. Cars were invented also in Germany,  Mr. Daimer und Mr. Benz, and there were other people who invent also did similar kind of transportation. Dampf ships, and trains were the most modern transport vehicles, in 1930 to go to my country from Europa, the travelled by ship lasted 3 months.. one way... Telephone, was also invented. In the 1920 Film industry started... there was no TV. During the second world in the 1939, most of the people would listen Radio, everything with the war, was transmitted per Radio, and Cinemas- would show films. In the 50 TV was "in".. at least started to be common for people to have it. As Kennedy was killed, we saw the pictures in TV, Nov. 23, 1963. Hand calculators... I was in 1971, we could use it, but it was better to make it with

your brains. Computers, that is something that was in use, first in the 80ies. Before we had Faxes, Telex - machines, and typewriters...!!! As a young girl, I used to collect "stamps"... we call it "Philately", and we could interchange "stamps", with other people in the world, who had the same interest. I had people who write to me, from Argentina (2), Uruguay (1), Ecuador (1), Colombia (1), Spain (3). So every time it came the Postman... I was running to see, who wrote?, nowadays... we have Emails, we don’t need "stamps" anymore... I get some sadness, since, these beautiful works, are not given any importance, and it was beautiful. Today we have computers at home, Internet, we can communicate, "instantly", that is good. I saw once the daughter of Miguel with Messenger, otherwise, I would have never see her. The day I saw her, I felt, like the day as "the man went to the Moon", I was a little girl, but it was so exciting... to imagine, there is a human being just travelling toward the moon!!! and that they could see our planet from above, incredible!!! I’ve seen a lot... and still learning!!!


I got something from Internet from these book, I send it to you! It’s incredible.

I hope you get it, I’m sure, you’ll enjoy it!


Please received all of you, a big huge,

Aunt Melissa