Brief an April
Melissa Ardan Rojas

Hamburg, 24th February 2009


My dear sunshine!


you can’t imagine. I mostly don’t go to the movies, since I don’t like to go there alone. I prefer see TV movies, and of course DVDs... "The pirate of the Caribbean" I think that is the name in English, that still my favourite, then Zorro... and Batman... I think the next time come to Germany a film "A travel in the centre of the Earth" a new version movie- from Jule Verne, science Fiction roman. That is a good one.


I was never used to go even to the supermarket alone. When I was a child. My school was just 4 blocks from the house I lived, nevertheless my sister Gloria and me, were brought and pick up from school. Until I was 7 years old, we got a TV. Before it was not known at all, in my country.


In my childhood I used to observe my environment, I saw the birds, and butterflies, squirrels, and of course I read a lot of books. There was nothing that got my interest but my books. I didn’t like to go even to the beach, in order I could read in the encyclopaedias about the sky and the stars, about our planet, how it was made, how did it work... what about "lightning".. where does these energy comes from? I was in a discovery trip! I wanted to know the secrets of the universe! Of course, these was something that nobody knew, I wanted "to know": about the body, the soul, about ghost (in my country - we talk a lot about ghost.. you remember? every night I used to read to my sisters and brothers "ghost stories" Legends from Spain, Mexico, Cuzcatlán... incredible, what all the people used to say... and since I was in a very good school, we used to do physic experiments, biology, chemistry (my teacher was the first women who got that profession in my country... I assure, she wanted us to learn, about the molecules, atoms, etc... I wanted of course how it works" these tiny pieces of material and  I wonder about God, when he created all these incredible stuff!, there was so much to know, and there were more questions in me, than books... my goodness!


For example, something that always was for me a puzzle, was the "earthquakes", how did they happened? , why did they happened?, when did they occurred? Could be predictable? So, the first book I read from a geologist (a persons who study the earth and origins or it!, this geologist name is "Simon Winchester" and is incredible. I’ve learn so much, from him. The first book I read from him was: "A crack at the edge of the world", and describes an Earthquake in San Francisco, April 1906. Amazing book. Now, the book I’m reading at the moment, is a book of Simon Winchester as well, and its name is: "Krakatoa", I like it, because he describes some history of the time as the eruption of Krakatoa occured, but also he mentions other scientific discoveries, which were happening at the time, such as "the Origin of the Species" a Theory of Evolution of Charles Darwin, and other scientist, biologist, zoologist, ornithologist (= scientific, who study everything about  birds), and now he is describing, how our earth functions...  inside and out.  Incredible.


I wish you a lovely day. I send a hug to everyone at home. Give mom! a special strong hug from me,

your aunt,