For the ones I love, my sunshine's!
Melissa Ardan Rojas

It’s incredible how times goes by! sometimes one would like to stop a special moment in time... and to make it endure for eternity. Some other times, when pain or sorrow comes into our lives, times does not  runs quick enough. Happiness depends if at the precise moment, we are also aware of it. Yes, there are persons who are very dear to us and we love them, very much. It’s just natural, that we would like to spend most of the time with them. Talk to them, to see their smile, to listen their laugh, and of course to see, if they are happy too. Some other people are so special in our hearts, that just their presence fulfil us with joy. Its always a good moment, to say to someone, you love them.


In these days when everyone of us, live in a hurry, the work is demanding, the people around us, as well. Many times we forget to take just a minute for us, for letting that what we have experience to set on our minds and on our heart. Sometimes we believe that the partner, children, friends, family knows about our love towards them, but we doesn’t say it, although it is needed. Remember one can never get the times back, when you miss an opportunity. It’s a challenge to recognise the chances at once and don’t let them go by.


The other day I listen one of my favourites songs:


"Heaven... I’m in heaven

and my heart beats so,

that I can hardly speak....

and I seem to find the happiness I seek,

when we are together dancing cheek to cheek...


Heaven... I’m in heaven...”


My goodness. What a marvellous song! If you don’t have wings, you might flight anyway.


Love is a gift. One has to work on it. One must not take it for granted. Its like a little plant, you don’t water it, it might die. A person who share his/ her live with us, with a common purpose, but we must not forget that, they have two different heads, two different hearts, they have to talk a lot to find the middle way. The respect to each other, is of course “the basic of all relations”. There is an old saying: “when the lack of respect comes through the door, the love goes out of the window”. To throw guilt to each other don’t bring much. Just love and patience, tolerance for each other, to seek for understanding would make our lives worthy and acceptable. We have to love more, but not allowing that others ignore our voices, undermine our qualities as being, our intelligence and beauty.


Everyone of us knows when we do right or wrong. Something inside tell us. It’s called "common sense". Everything what I would not like to happen to me, it is better not to do to others. Be good. Inspire others to do good things. Be an angel on earth. We need them badly.


much love