Keeping available "the Magic of Nature"
Melissa Ardan Rojas

There are things, which shouldn’t be ignored.
We can do something!

And is not only the responsibility
of somebody else!

Water it’s a gift.
We should not take it for granted.
We have to care of our water.
It won’t be there,
as if were a miracle!
Just like another wonder
waiting for us?

Our ancestors knew how to
talk to a tree..
with deepest respect and
In the mountains lived good spirits
and we should ask
for protection.

There are trees which leaves,
you could listen, when they talk...
it bring us closer
the music of the universe...
when the sun shines
through their branches,
or the moonlight at night.
it give us hope.

And during springtime,
they surprise our souls
with their blossoms...
The angels of beauty
come along...

Yes, trees are our best friends...
gives us pure air, water,
keep the mountains in place
give also shelter
to our brother’s
the birds, ants, bees,
bears, deers , butterflies,
the world of nature speaks..
do you also listen it?

if you destroy it,
you kill life!!!
You should be aware of that!

Money never will replace
a fruit giving tree,

How do you explain the hundreds of birds?
that you change their house,
for some money,
that never can replace
a magical tree?

If we cut our trees,
there will be no possibility
for the earth to regenerate.

What we waste,
doesn’t come back...

It’s our responsibility,
to ensure life on earth.

We should keep this,
for us,
for the people
of tomorrow!!