Impressions of Teotihuacan
Melissa Ardan Rojas

I visit the city of Teotihuacan, many years ago. Its so monumental, that one can not describe the big impression, it leaves in our hearts. It is a precolumbian city, that means, that was built long before the spaniards came to America, for their conquest. No one exactly knows who built this city.. It is says, Teotihuacan was one of the biggest culture, in the Anahuac- Vally  (the highlands in Mexico). Some people think, they existed before the toltecs, and before the aztecs, which arrived at the lake of Texcoco, long after many cultures lived already at the shores of the Lake of Texcoco.

When I saw it for the first time, I was one my way  by train from Palenque towards the Mexico City. It was a long journey, since Palenque is in Chiapas, south part of Mexico, and is nearly 500 km from the capital. Teotihuacan is just 45 km, from the city of Mexico.

We travel the whole night and we should arrived in Mexico around eleven o´clock the next morning. Around 9 o´clock I saw a unendless field with cactus, they were around 3 mts. high and one saw cactus all the way till the mountains...

Suddendly I saw a huge montain in the middle of the whole plateau, incredible. The only thing, it was, "too perfect". "Too big for being made by man" - I though -  "and too perfect form,for being,  just  a mountain".

So, I should learn, it later... It was the sun piramide of Teotihuacan, which I saw on my way to Mexico.

Some weeks later, we visit this ancient city... of course, we climb the "Sun and Moon piramids" we walk  the whole "Street of the death", and we visit  the temple to Quetzalcoatl = feather snake...

The legend of Quetzalcoatl, it was said, there was a man-god-priest, who lived among the people, and some people believe, lived with the toltecs. This highpriest didn´t like human sacrifices, and so on... and the others didn´t like the influence, he had. So they put him a trap... they gave him something to drink, which make him drunk (this was something, which was punish) and they make him believe he abused of a woman. So he had to leave the city... and the human sacrifices, came back.


You can read more about this great city, in Wikipedia...

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